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Verde Crescent: An Eclectic Touch of Style

Designing one’s home does not have definite rules. The only important thing is it matches the personality and style of the homeowner. In this private home in Verde Crescent, the homeowner wanted to break few well-known guidelines when it comes to interior design. It channelled the spirit of mixing variety of colours, textures and furnishings that still coordinate to create a vibrant, distinct style.

The dining chairs are not the usual pieces we can see in the dining room. These unique pieces in its symmetric arrangement create an impression of simplicity and balance. It also exudes the calm mix of neutral background colours and the pulling together of patterns which are still of essence in the principles of design.

In this interior design in Singapore, the living room has distinguished furniture that stands as its statement piece. The seating fixtures were framed in an exceptional texture and shape, providing an inimitable look to the whole space. This ultimate, one-of-a-kind sofa is large enough in scale, will keep the guests’ interest and curiosity heightened because it looks like it is telling a story.

The bathroom is one of the most eclectic spaces in this house. The use of bold texture, warm lights, and signature accessories made it look brighter. The patterned walls are specifically part of this renovation project as the homeowner want to create a character without becoming overwhelming.

In contrast with the bathroom, the entertainment space was incorporated with neutral coloured flooring, white-painted walls, and some green elements to soften the design. It is accentuated with a signature chair to prevent it from looking too stuffy, leaving a relaxing ambiance perfect for a lazy weekend afternoon.

The antique wooden bed displays the homeowner’s love for vintage. It has the traditional wooden headboard that makes it more interesting. The bed stands out in the room which makes it the perfect centrepiece of the bedroom. The carpet, chandelier, and side table provide continuity to overall ambiance while the ceiling to floor window and entryway to the terrace distributes natural light during daytime.

Stairs are covered with wooden patterned luxury eco flooring and well-lighted with warm tones of lighting fixtures. It is a classic way to accentuate the stairway with metals and plain walls.

The exterior parquet of the house was softened with its woody texture and patterned neutrals combined. It created an illusion of continuity while giving substance to the overall look of the place.

This eclectic design breaks the traditional interior design of this house by putting together different types of styles. This creates a different feeling enough to bring in interest to every piece of details. At DTCG, we make sure the design of the home radiates the personality of the homeowners by letting every details speak for itself.


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