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Ultimate Flooring Guide: Why is Vinyl Flooring is a Good Choice?

Anyone who is planning to resell a house wants to make it look completely furnished. An elegantly groomed exterior and warm interior design can increase the value of a home. In doing a renovation project, the cost is an ultimate consideration, especially for flooring. This is because the bigger the house, the higher the amount of money will be spent.

Redoing the floor can be tremendous job so might as well look for something worth the penny. There are many options available options but the most common are the vinyl and tiles. To those who are working on a tight budget and want to have a lower renovation cost, vinyl is always a good option. To know why, here is a closer look that we hope will be useful.

Vinyl is an innovative, natural-looking type of flooring material. It is a growing trend in the interior design in Singapore that guarantees lower cost in revamping your home. As opposed with tiles, vinyl floor is more affordable and eco-friendly. It has the anti-slip property, termite proof and is likewise waterproof.

While tiles have numerous types and designs to choose from, vinyl similarly has ample range of texture and look that is pleasing to the eye to achieve the classy modern interior for your home.

Vinyl flooring promotes the family’s safety with its anti-slip property and stability. This luxury eco flooring is perfect for area with high foot traffic such as living room and kitchen because of its high durability. It is also a great consideration for those who want to boost sanitation at home due to its very few seams. Also, installing vinyl is easier than tiles which require tedious skills and time during the installation.

As a flooring material, vinyl has the most value for money because it can compete with the characteristics the tiles have. It can raise the selling value of your home because of its durability and maintainability.

When it comes to revamping of your home, we, at DTCG, can always be of help not only with the design but also in the costing. We carry our in-house vinyl brand so our customers can get its direct supplier price which is advantageous to the homeowner.

Whether it is a small or big space, aside from attaining the high-value, the ultimate focus of home renovation is comfort. Selecting vinyl can also contribute to the luxurious feel of home while giving it an advanced price rate.


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