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Transforming Kitchen with Accents and Unique Finishes

The kitchen is the heart and soul of any home. It is the space for cooking and sometimes, it is where eating and entertaining guests take place. A weekday morning it mostly spent in the kitchen so whether you have new renovation projects at home or simply updating this space, it should be something unique. Here are some guides on how you can transform the interior design of your kitchen with accents and unique finishes.

1. Let your kitchen shine

Apart from the yearly Pantone colour, using metal is also a popular way to decorate one’s house. It is the time to let your kitchen shine in an alluring manner. Metal fixtures create a distinct glimmering beauty in your kitchen. To incorporate metals, choose appliances, faucets or other decorations that are made with a metallic finish. Bar stools can also provide a new personality to space. These kinds of kitchen pieces are more perfect if your kitchen is in neutral hues or all-white scheme.

2. Incorporate greenery

There is always something right about putting some greens in the kitchen. Interior design in Singapore is now turning its path to incorporating kitchen with indoor plants. The easiest way to do this is by adding some herb plants to the countertops or any bare corner of the kitchen. Not only that these plants can add life to the kitchen, but you can also just pick some to be used for your favourite meals.

3. Convert to shelves

More than the additional storage it can provide, open shelving units can give a new look to your kitchen. It also creates a better ambience while making every essential thing you need easy to reach. For a more unique touch, decorate the back portion of each shelf with wallpapers or paint it with new colours that complement your design.

4. Embrace colours

Modern styles of kitchens are now embracing colours. It can be in a form of bold coloured luxury eco flooring or cherry red cabinets. Aside from it keeps the space more lively, premium matte dark pieces make it chic when the colour palette matches the overall look of the kitchen. If you want a glamorous pop of colour, consider using it on the backsplash area.

5. Classic touches

One best way to transform your kitchen is by putting up something remarkable and classy. It adds a comforting ambience to space while creating an additional charm. A fine, classic touch you can add to your kitchen is hanging a chandelier. It makes the kitchen more welcoming to every guest you will entertain at home.

It may be challenging to have your kitchen transformed. We, at DTCG, we help you carve out that creativity to make your kitchen look stunning and inimitable.


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