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Sprawling Luxury with Sumptuous Deep Teal Accents at 556 Woodlands Dr 53

Luxurious and adventurous with a gorgeous deep teal accent is the overall theme of 556 Woodlands Dr 53. This modern and industrial but traditional-at-heart interior design brings inspiration in all of its angles.

The first unique design of this project is the living room that features a wooden accent around the television. Teal LED strips also burn brightly, illuminating the unique, sophisticated look of the entertainment space of the house. The luxury eco flooring perfectly complements with the furniture pieces and the cabinet in the corner.

A cluster of custom-made cabinets colour warmly colour one side of the living area while the dining area radiates luxury with the decorative type of lighting that matches the overall hue of the room.

The kitchen has a nostalgic ambience with the teal as the main colour scheme for the upper and lower cabinets. The vibrant colour makes a stunning colour play that breaks the warm vibe in the living room. Complement the vibrant teal hue of the cabinets are the white and simple backsplash and plain, grey flooring.

Textures make up the whole space of the bathroom. The bathroom walls consist of enchanting designs and décor scheme that was made especially for this project. The solid, textured walls gave this personal space a deep kind of beauty with traditional sanitary wares.

This interior design in Singapore features a bedroom with a slightly more traditional setting but with a different touch of depth when it comes to texture. Every detail has its luxury, yet it flows smoothly with each other. The custom wooden closet, which adjoins the bed provides a visually stunning appearance to the sleeping area. Even the flooring marks another type of glam.

All set within textured interior design, the renovation projects made for this home bespoke a sense of complement. Almost everything was made-to-measure to expand the luxury without crossing the warmth a home must exude.

At DTCG, we can put colours, warmth and luxury together without giving the “too much” look to your home. Our vision is to provide each client with a home that complements their nature.


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