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5-Stage Paragon Counter top Water Filter P3050

5-Stage Paragon Counter top Water Filter P3050


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Great for drinking, cooking and making coffee and tea.10,000 gallons maintenance-free (no cartridges to change). This filter will last 3-5 years for a family of 4. Patented 5-stage filtration system. Long-reach spout turns 360 degrees. No drilling of hole on counter top required. Made in USA.

Model No: P3050CTD

Large Capacity: 
37,850L; 37 tons; equivalent of 2,000 barrels of bottled water.

Maintenance Free: 
No cartridge to change before it meets the lifespan of the filter; absolutely maintenance free.

American patented high-tech KDF media effectively removes heavy metal, chlorine, sulfureted hydrogen, controls bacteria and scale.

Easy to Install: 
Easy to install, within 2 minutes.

High Quality Water: 
Tested and certified to ANSI/NSF Standard 42 (American National Science Foundation)

Five-Stage Filtering
The first stage:
 Water flows to the bottom of the filter, through the micron pad that removes sediment and other particles.
The second stage: Water passes KDF media. KDF55 is a high-purity copper-zinc formulations that removes most of the chlorine, sulfureted hydrogen, and water soluble heavy metal in water using an oxidation / reduction (redox) reaction. KDF also inhibits the growth of microorganisms, and soften hard scales to improve taste.
The third stage: Water flows through another micron pad to further reduce all kinds of impure particles.
The fourth stage: Water passes quality-coconut made GAC – granular activated carbon to further reduce chlorine and odor, and effectively remove a variety of organic contaminants to improve taste.
The fifth stage: The last filtration also uses micron pad to ensure fresh water and improve taste.

Countertop Filter Installation Instructions

Paragon Water Filters


Product Specifications

Technical data
Dimensions: 11.4(Diameter) x 19(H) cm
Flow Rate 7.4 liters / minute, under 60psi ~ 80psi water pressure
Capacity 37,850L; 37 tons (10,000 gallons), equivalent of 2,000 barrels of bottled water
Working Pressure 1.3 ~8.6bar
Working Temperature 1 – 38℃ (34 – 100 °F)
Weight with packaging: 1.85kg


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