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Elevate your Home Design using Mirrors

Mirrors do not only reflect the appearance of persons living in the house, but it is also a functional home decoration that brings depth and sophistication to the overall interior design. When placed properly, it can make a lot of difference and can elevate the design of your home. This article will let you see how mirrors can do wonders when it comes to setting the tone of any room.

Create opulence and space

Anybody would agree that there is some kind of opulence on a free-standing mirror.  Aside from the known fact that it can trick one’s eyes that space is bigger than its actual size, a floor-length mirror provides a welcoming, brighter atmosphere.

Make a dramatic focal point

A wall fully clad with lovely mirrors creates an alluring focal point in the living room or in the stairway. It provides a dramatic effect while enhancing the visual space when blended with the colour scheme and style you have at home. Interior design in Singapore suggests that thin framed or frameless mirrors are best for contemporary and modern styles while mirrors with decorative frames look great for vintage or classic-themed homes.

Stand as an extravagant masterpiece

Mirrors are intended to be looked at. On the other hand, it can also stand as an extravagant piece of art. It has an uncontrollable power to draw the attention of everyone who will enter one’s house. A mirror can be an exquisite alternative to a work of art, especially those vintage or with unique-shaped ones.

Juxtapose angles to form dimensions

The most common pieces positioned above a console are artworks. But to create a dimensional character in the room, replacing it with mirrors is a good idea. To elevate the design, a circle mirror can be used since it juxtaposes the cornered shape of a console, forming a different type of angle.

Convey texture with multiple mirrors

A single mirror can create visual interest by itself but hanging various mirrors with a united design to create a different texture on the wall. It can be a part of your renovation projects since it requires planning before putting it up. The collective look has an appealing image to anyone who will try to look at it.

Glamourize bathroom with full mirror

Elegance can always be equated to a full mirrored wall in the bathroom. It creates a grand statement that makes it far from traditional vanity mirrors. A full mirror is a unique way to add up glamour especially in this personal space of home while bringing up every vision to life.

Nowadays, using luxury eco-flooring or having astonishing walls are not the only ways to elevate interior designs. Using mirrors can also extend extra miles to have an everyday glamour at home. At DTCG, we help our customers achieve a better look for their homes using unique and exceptional concepts.


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