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Dress your kitchen to dazzle your guests!  Here are the tricks

We all have a vision of our dream house, or at least a part of it like the kitchen. But admit it or not, even if there are lots of things that you want for your kitchen, doing a complete renovation might be costly.  In this case, it does not mean that you can do nothing. Whether it is your own house or just renting a space, you can still dress up your kitchen with some renovation projects to create great impression and amaze your guests.

1. Reface kitchen cabinets

Dressing up in interior design does not mean replacing the entire space. It can also mean brightening up or colouring up. Textured vinyl can do magic on your aging cabinets. You can also reface your kitchen cabinets by changing the colour of its doors. Cabinets are one of the main parts of kitchen so simply doing this can change the look of the entire area.

2. Have a hardware revamp

The power of new-looking hardware in the kitchen is very powerful. You can have a well-painted kitchen but if you have an out-dated hardware like cabinets and handles, the overall look of the area will be boring. Revamping the cabinetry hardware is the easiest update you can do to your kitchen. It can add fun and amusement to the appearance of the kitchen.

3. Let go of unwelcoming flooring

We always want our guests to feel comfortable whenever they visit our home. This is the very reason why interior design in Singapore is mostly focused in making every part of the home as welcoming as possible. Believe it or not, there is such thing as “unwelcoming flooring.” These are floorings that are dull and uncomfortable to set foot at. To avoid it, there you can use luxury eco flooring that is as enthralling as expensive floorings but with a cheaper price. You can also add a rug that compliments the colour or pattern of the flooring in front of the sink. It does not only make the kitchen look more welcoming, it also avoids any accident that a spill of water may cause.

4. Craft your own backsplash

Do-it-yourself is so “in” nowadays and creating your own backsplash is definitely possible. If yours looks tired, you can always craft your own without spending a lot of money, especially if you are renting and a permanent solution is not possible. There are lots of vinyl patterns to choose from to create a temporary backsplash. Not only that you can save a lot, you can also create your own pattern with your own hands. This can also stand as one of your accent areas in the kitchen which can dazzle your guests.

5. Improve the look with plants

You can never go wrong with greens. Adding plants, small or big, can create a big difference when placed in an area. It adds life and brightens up the atmosphere of the space, making it an interesting place to entertain guests and create memories. You can put some on the window, countertops and other open spaces that needs to be refreshed.

There are numerous ways to upgrade your kitchen without spending too much. Whatever the reason you have that encourages you to do a revamp, with just a little creativity, you can have a stylish kitchen you can always be proud of.

When it comes to putting up your ideas into life, we, at DTCG, are always here to extend our hands. We also have our in-house vinyl brands that can help you re-style your kitchen or any part of your house.


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