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Defining Style with a Fusion of Luxe and Nordic Design

Stylish, opulent, and glamorously inviting – this is what a “Luxe mix with the Nordic design” is all about. In this 8-week build-to-own renovation project, the elements of both luxe and Nordic interior design is explicitly delivered. It becomes a mix of contemporary minimalism and the personal favourites of the homeowners. The style, materials, and details are specifically chosen based on the required specifications.

The whole house exudes glamour and sophistication due to the use of homogenous tiles. This luxurious interior design in Singapore is made classic because of the timeless detailing. The luxe style radiates opulence in every corner but is never overstated. The design is created with a harmonious balance to ensure that the complete look will be both excellently refined and perfectly comfortable.

While the luxe style spells elegance, Nordic design is also becoming popular nowadays. The central principle of Nordic design is to create comfort and this is what the living room of this project emanates. Moreover, the room is installed with wooden planks design in herringbone layouts for added visual interest. To complement it with luxe, it is mixed with hexagon marble design tiles. Nordic design is more inclined on simplicity but put equal emphasis on functionality as well.

As for the kitchen, the flooring is overlaid with floor tiles. All joined lines of different tiles are ornamented with a gold plated steel trimming to make it look seamless while looking luxurious. The material of the kitchen countertop is made using Sensa Natural Stone brand by the Orinoco. It is a unique, exotic and glamorous kitchen top since no two veins in this design are alike. This method is adopted to continue the lavish look in this sumptuous space further.

Nordic design is also about being attractive as well as functional. This is the inspiration behind all the carpentry works that are constructed with ample hidden storage and spaces. The master bedroom layout is planned in a way that a king size bed will fit and the limited space will be fully and seamlessly used. All these pull the design elements together to create a refined and useful area.

On top of the overall aesthetics, luxe Nordic interior design is defined by the rich features and scheme. From using luxury eco flooring to beautiful finishes, it creates a design that shows allure and glamour. The rich texture invites anyone to relax and enjoy the whole area while bearing the personalities of the homeowners in mind. In this case, the wife adores the marble luxury effect while the husband prefers the raw wood grains and rustic cement screed finish. Combined, the whole house’s laminated and sophisticated colour scheme is a mash-up of both elements.

Monochrome and neutral hues become the perfect canvass in this luxe Nordic design. It creates an elegant backdrop that builds a statement reflecting the character of the homeowners. The prints and shapes, as well as the repeated patterns, stand as the key features that create a stunning and contemporaneity feel.

At DTCG, we assist our clients in mixing and matching a whole range of different styles into a harmonious and truly unique space. We look at it as an aesthetic blend of designs where we draw inspiration to heighten the feeling of sophistication for the entire house.


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