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5 Scandinavian elements that might suit your home

The Scandinavian style is the epitome of minimal and monochromatic home interior design. Its overall tone revolves around simplicity, minimalism, and contemporary. The combination of warmth and comfort setting of Scandinavian style makes it appealing, especially to those who love to live with the “less is more” atmosphere. Channel your love for monochrome into real life by knowing the elements to achieve the Scandi style that might suit your home.

1. White to soft colour palette

The main element to carry off a Scandinavian style is the use of white and other soft colours such as grey and pastels. Scandi colour scheme is generally white but if you wish to add other colours, the natural palette can also complete the look. You can still use strong colours to accentuate the overall scheme using artworks and some decorative pieces but bear in mind that with this design, the clean and curated atmosphere remains the core.

2. Natural lighting

Lighting is very important in any decorating scheme. If you want to attain a Scandinavian look for your home, natural lighting is the key. This kind of style is designed to let in as much natural light as possible to achieve its best look. Every element, including flooring, furniture and walls, should be curated carefully to make sure the light from the outside bounces around the room. Thus, making it look softer and relaxing. At night or for rooms that are dim, the use of quality mood light plays a very important role to maintain the comforting ambience of your home.

3. Simple design

Scandinavian style is never into over-decorating. Its main look includes clean and clutter-free space. Interior design in Singapore has now become more and more inclined to this scheme at home. Getting away with unnecessary decorative elements is important for this look. It keeps the simplicity of the place while making it fresh and serene.

4. Neutral finish

Planning a renovation project for a Scandinavian design requires working with more neutral hues. Aside from wall colours, incorporating accessories with neutral finishes like a gentle grey sofa, timber luxury eco flooring, warm fluffy pillows or rugs with varying textures can define the appearance of the space.

5. Statement pieces

Though the Scandinavian style is inclined with a simple and clean look, it is still necessary to have statement pieces that will blend in the overall design. Instead of too many chairs that will look crowded, consider getting an elegant but stunning main sofa and just one accent chair. An artwork above a naturally-coloured console is also a good idea. Not only that you will get away from clutter, but you also maintain the crisp clean appearance of your home.

In creating a Scandinavian style for your home, always remember to incorporate these elements – white, light, simplicity, neutral, and natural. At DTCG, we will always lend our hands to shape that dazzling home that is uniquely yours!


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