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4 home transformative tips to create an alluring ambience

The complete interior design of your home does not stop with the final touches of colours and furnishing. Creating an ambiance that enables family and friends to feel like they have entered a surrounding far from the ordinary is something that gives you a different kind of accomplishment. Your artistic side will flourish as you create things that are pleasurable not only to the eyes, but also to feelings. We have listed some transformative tips that can help you create an alluring ambiance at home.

1. Display flowers and greens

Just like any artwork, flowers and plants can immediately bring a positive feeling to anyone. A beautiful arrangement of flowers or any simple indoor plant can add colour and improve the texture of any room and makes it more attractive. Flowers and plants are some of the most beautiful creations on earth and it is very uncommon to know somebody who does not like having or seeing one.  Flowers have universal charm that goes beyond any culture around the world. Apart from purifying the air naturally, their charm can do wonders in calming and rejuvenating people in many ways. During special occasions, adding beautiful flower arrangement in the centre of the table adds pleasure to the festive event.

2. Create house scent

The use of fragrance is a powerful way to express emotions and personality. A room with soothing aroma can transform it into a vibrant and restful place. More than the physical transformation, it is always effective to enhance the smell of the place. Interior design in Singapore mostly includes suggestions of exuding freshness at home. Using linen sprays for curtains, fragrant incense, and diffusing essential oils are just some of their recommendations to choose from to create your own house scent.

3. Improve lighting

Excellent lighting can definitely transform one place from ordinary to stunning. It is an important aspect in elevating the ambiance of your home. As most interior designer says, selection of lighting in every part of the house is crucial, especially in its overall look. It can change the atmosphere in just few clicks. Lights, more than just being decorative pieces, also have direct effects on one’s mood, making it an essential part in setting up the overall feel you want at home.

4. Decorate with candles

If embarking on large renovation project at home is not feasible, decorating some spaces with candles is one inexpensive way to make it more alluring. More than being functional and decorative, candles can also change the mood of the room because of its warm light. Lighting candles is also a traditional way of creating a romantic ambiance. Decorating a certain part of home with scented candles paired with flowers is a traditional way of spreading calming scent in the house, making it a relaxing place to go home after a long and tiring day.

Transforming your home does not mean spending much. If using luxury eco flooring or expensive furniture is still in your future plans, we, at DTCG, will help you elevate the beauty of your home to make it more alluring than before.


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